A Fully Decentralized Wallet.
Mind in Comfort and Ease.

Exchanges built-in

Users can easily exchange and convert their altcoins instantly through our strategic partners (SWFT). SamPay fulfill all your needs in one app.

Safe Storage

Store your crypto assets based on the cutting-edge technical solutions increasing security levels.

Instantaneous Transfer

We’re here to provide you with a reliable environment to send and receive assets without a hitch.

Blockchain-based Wallet

Using blockchain characteristics we’re here to make you able to store your crypto assets with highest level of security. It means that SamPay will not have access to your account data. Moreover rest assured that your digital assets will be stored safe even if SamPay goes out of business.

Full control over +6 top digital assets!

SamPay supports 6 top cryptocurrencies on its launch. You can easily transact and exchange 6+ top cryptocurrencies in one app. A wide range of more assets will be supported ASAP.

User Privacy Protection

There is no need to disclose personal information such as email address, phone number, national ID etc. to create a new account with SamPay. We’ve tried our best to respect your privacy in the best possible way.


Ultra high speed

Using the latest technical solutions, we aim to combine security and speed at the same time providing our users with a really reliable transactions allowing them to have a smoother user experience.

Increased privacy

There will be no KYC requirements and transaction tracking. As a result, your history is completely protected from intruders. Moreover, your IP address will be hidden and no one can see it.

Strong security

The private key is in full control of the user. Moreover, strong cryptography procedures can assure you that your digital assets are protected in the best possible way.

No transaction fee

There will be no fee to conduct transactions for a specific period of time and after that, a nominal fee will be charged. Moreover, you’re able to set your own fees.

24/7 Support

We’re here to help! You can be rest assured that you’ll get instant and friendly customer support services from our well-trained team. Our dedicated support team will try their best to remove all your problems.

Smooth UX

User convenience is of utmost importance for SamPay and its interface has been designed with a special emphasis on ease-of-use. All the functionalities are easily accessible and all users including experienced or beginners can get started almost instantaneously.